There has been a lot of information being circulated surrounding the health of the mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains recently.  As the Los Angeles times pointed out, we were affected by mountain lion attacks over the past few years. Many residents in the mountains have also faced the same fate with many of their own pets and livestock in the area.

While we were devastated by the attacks on our pets, it has never been our interest to relocate or remove mountain lions from the Santa Monica Mountains. As the National Park Service has pointed out, lions have been in the mountains for a long time prior to humans arrival. It can also be argued that habitat fragmentation has a tremendous impact on the behavior and quality of life of these amazing animals. 

We do not condone relocation of the animals, and are in full support of a wildlife bridge that will connect the much needed roaming areas for the lions in the Santa Monica Mountains. While emotions can be high during events like these we would like to echo the National Park Service's recommendations to protect pets and livestock from the lions.

The followings measures can be implemented to discourage attacks.

  1. Fully enclose animal shelters, pens, and barns. Lions can enter through small space, so ensure that all gaps are sealed.
  2. Install sensor activated lighting to discourage the animals from approaching.
  3. Do not leave out waste or trash which will encourage visit from smaller prey that are frequently pursued by lions.
  4. Consult the National Park Service's Mountain Lion Research program concerning additional tips to deter lions from attacks.

We hope that we can find a peaceful means of living amongst the mountains with our animal neighbors. We will continue to work towards preserving the Santa Monica Mountains and its wildlife, and hope that you will join us in doing so!