Friday November 16th – Saddlerock Ranch Visit Update:

The visit to Saddlerock Ranch today was a good one. Everyone is very positive and in good spirits. It is amazing at how much the staff have accomplished cleaning things up and getting back to normal routines. Most of the animal groups have already been returned to their normal paddock areas.

It has been one week since the fire and my primary reason for the visit today was to check that no latent medical issues have shown up since that time. I am pleased to say that all of the animals still appear normal in all respects on physical exam with no secondary issues. There are only exceptions: The Llama with the foot pad issues which I treated last Saturday. He has progressed very well and is walking normal. The bandage on his one foot was removed - the area cleaned and treated – then re-wrapped. The staff will change his bandage at 4 day intervals. At this point I expect him to continue to do well and make a full recovery. The big male pig was acting normal but seemed a little stiff in the rear legs – so he was started on a light oral pain medication for a few days. The horse on which I did the emergency leg and chest treatment had been moved to an equine medical facility for further treatment - and is currently doing well. The owner indicated to the Saddlerock Ranch staff that she hopes to be able to bring her horse back to the ranch soon and to return to his normal boarding status.

All of the animal enclosures are in good shape and need no specific work except for 2 paddocks: Stanley the Giraffe has a temporary shade structure and already is getting a new barn (currently under construction). On the Water Buffalo area one of the multiple shade structures will need to be rebuilt. Currently all of the automatic waterers are functioning normally. The ranch maintains large stocks of hay at one of its other facilities of which they are bringing onto the ranch in quantity as needed. All of the ranch medical supplies have been now been restocked so they are fully functional to treat any issues should one occur. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has been out for a visit and they were quite pleased at how well the animals have done through this ordeal. The USDA has been updated multiple times on the animal and ranch status.

So overall things are progressing well with no new issues. The staff are working incredible hard to return Saddlerock Ranch to its normal functioning status.

Dr. Stephen Klause